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When Bella suddenly dies and Hec tells Ricky that child services will take him back, Ricky ineptly fakes his suicide by burning a barn and runs away into the bush with Tupac, where he is completely unable to cope and gets lost.Hec finds him easily but injures his leg in a fall, forcing the two to camp for a period of time.Ricky finds the place to be swarming with police, led by Paula. He later encounters Paula and Andy in the bush, separated by a ravine.Paula attempts to bribe Ricky, asking him to say that Hec was a sex offender. Se souvenir de moi Connexion Mot de passe oublié Tapez l'email que vous avez utilisé lors de votre inscription.domain lookup results from whois.server: Domain Name: VAUGHANVIKINGS. In return, she tells him that he won't ever go to juvenile prison. Ricky catches up to Hec by remembering the survival strategies Hec taught him, and they continue their travels.After a traumatic encounter with a wild boar during which Hec's dog Zag is mortally wounded, forcing Hec to euthanize her, Ricky reveals he has been carrying Bella's ashes and originally planned to deliver them to "where the earth wets the cloak of the sky," as per her wishes.

He represented Auckland at a provincial level, and was a member of the New Zealand national side, the All Blacks, on their 1949 tour of South Africa.Ricky Baker (Dennison), a juvenile delinquent who was abandoned by his mother, is taken by child welfare services officer Paula and police officer Andy to live in a remote farm with foster mother Bella and her husband, the cantankerous Hec (Neill).Hec is remote, but Bella quickly manages to break through Ricky's defensive shell by taking him hunting and giving him a dog for his 13th birthday, which he names Tupac after his idol Tupac Shakur.The film was certified "fresh" by Rotten Tomatoes, after it scored a rating of 97%, based on 169 reviews, with an average rating of 7.9/10.The site's critical consensus reads: "The charmingly offbeat Hunt for the Wilderpeople unites a solid cast, a talented filmmaker, and a poignant, funny, deeply affecting message." Praise was directed at Neill and Dennison for their acting.

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Internationally, as of October 2016 the film has grossed $10,935,319 (AUD) in Australia, in UK $507,380 (USD) and $5,137,201 (USD) in North America.

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