A girls guide to dating a geek review

Match has been around for more than two decades, making it the most established dating site in the industry.And with 30 million members and 13.5 million visitors a month, you’ll find more single nerds here than anywhere else.Information that your nerd is exposed to when the irrelevance flag is waving is forgotten almost immediately. Next time you hear “Cool,” I want you to ask, “What’d I just say? Small talk is the bane of the nerd’s existence because small talk is a combination of aspects of the world that your nerd hates.” That awkward grin on your nerd’s face is the first step in getting him to acknowledge that he’s the problem in this particular conversation. When your nerd is staring at a stranger, all he’s thinking is, “I have no system for understanding this messy person in front of me.” This is where the shy comes from. The skills to interact with other people are there. Advanced Nerd Tweakage If you’re still reading, then I’m thinking that your nerd is worth keeping.Nerds, geeks, dorks, and the like are special types of people, and it’s no longer an insult to call someone one of these names.Harry Potter is my geeky passion of choice because, like millions of others, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

These control issues mean your nerd is sensitive to drastic changes in his environment. I develop an incredibly short fuse during system-redefining events, and I’m much more likely to lose it over something trivial and stupid. The Cave is designed to allow your nerd to do his favorite thing, which is working on the project. ” The Cave is also frustrating you because your impression is that it’s your nerd’s way of checking out, and you are, unfortunately, completely correct. The joy your nerd finds in his project is one of problem solving and discovery.

No matter what book, movie, show, or game you’re obsessed with, you gotta admit, if you’re single, there’s nothing better than meeting someone who has a similar, unique interest and who you can talk to about it for hours (or days or weeks or months or years).

That’s why our experts have found the best dating sites for nerds — where you can let your geek flag fly!

Yeah, we love to stare at games with a bazillion polygons, but we get the same high out of playing Bejeweled, getting our Night Elf to Level 70, or endlessly tinkering with a Rubik’s Cube. This created a basic bitterness in his psyche that is the foundation for his humor. The basic mental move here is the context switch, and your nerd is the king of the context switch.

Now, combine this basic distrust of everything with your nerd’s other natural talents, and you’ll realize that he sees humor as another game. First, there’s watching TV with you where the two of you sit and watch one show. The ability to instantly context switch also comes from a life on the computer. All of it might be cool, but your nerd doesn’t believe any of what you’re saying is relevant.

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