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They're an effective tool for all students, whether they have fine motor problems, struggle with writing skills, or could simply benefit from a fun learning supplement.

(There are a wide variety of stamps available to meet most of your classroom needs, but you can also easily find instructions online to make your own.) Human calculator.

Sometimes, the best way to combine academic material with a student's interests may not be immediately evident—but your students may see connections that you don't! Breaking the class up in groups increases the likelihood that everyone will contribute to class discussion and problem solving.

Poll your students about their working preference, or experiment with breaking them up in different ways.

This will help your students see the connections between what they're learning inside and outside the classroom. Conversely, teachers can promote learning through classroom routines.

For instance, a child learning to wash hands during bathroom breaks can also be taught science concepts (body parts, hygiene and disease prevention, water conservation), reading (bathroom signage), antonyms (hot/cold, left/right), and math (counting). Allow a child to integrate their most-loved characters and possessions into your classroom reading time.

Add an element of fun to addition and subtraction by making an oversized calculator out of an old shower curtain or large tablecloth and letting students jump to the keys.

In most situations, a learning disability is not readily observable.This is usually accomplished with an auditory cue like a chime or tone, which prompts each child to reflect on questions like Self-monitoring of performance.Students log on a chart or graph whether they've been able to complete a pre-defined problem or task.From least to most sophisticated, the tiers could be: determine the surface area of a cube; determine the surface area of a rectangular prism; determine the amount of wrapping paper needed to cover a rectangular box; determine how many cans of paint you'll need to buy to paint a house with given dimensions.Once students choose a starting point, the teacher can guide them through increasing levels of mastery. Instead of having all of your students complete the same homework assignment, why not offer a menu of options that tie in with your lesson plan?

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