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The drug crack is a form of cocaine and one of the most popular among substance abusers.The US Justice Department reports approximately one to two million people use this drug.A person caught up in this situation needs support and help from you to understand what the drug is doing to him or her physically, emotionally, and mentally.There are both physical and behavioral signs that can indicate abuse.At different times, you may also notice that your loved one is sleeping a lot.This can happen during a crash where the person has stopped using the crack.

It can be a heartbreaking and frustrating to watch someone go through a drug addiction.

As the person gets deeper into crack cocaine abuse, he or she may exhibit psychological changes.

Depression is common, especially when the person is not using the drug; the brain is less able to normally manage dopamine levels with prolonged use.

Once the person stops using the drug, the rush will end, and the person may crash.

Your friend may become more irritable and tend to become angry with less provocation than before.

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