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It has been my greatest pleasure, guiding him through life. My grand girl is amazing , I love having conversations with her ❤she always tells me exactly how she feels . Then I think you might have greater understanding of what others have shared. My children grown fine 2 are autisic and my daughter not. But when it's meeting time at school I hear nothing but negativity... I agree, my 12 year old daughter is fine with her diagnosis!! She worked really hard to overcome the obstacles that were preventing her from being able to read and when it finally clicked with her she took off running.He makes me laugh, teaches me so many things (ridiculously intelligent) and is always there for me, when I need help (very kind) He's the best guy to hang out with (witty & cool) I wish life was easier for him, and that he could see himself through my eyes, and know how utterly incredible he is. I no I done my self proud but only my kids seen that. Having an Aspie in your life may be positive IF they aren’t your spouse or child. It does always seem to be the negatives people focus on in life in general. Her teachers all brag on her and tell me what an amazing influence she is on the other kids because she actively participates and shows a true joy of learning. Moreover, you can ask questions online anonymously on any topic and receive answers from the experienced community. If they don't monitor your private conversations this app would be amazing. Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. They just put you in there and expect you'll learn your lesson.Here are just a few (and there are many more that I could add to the list): 1.Exceptional Global Insights: Many people with Asperger’s possess the knack for finding unique connections among multidisciplinary facts/ideas that allows them to create novel, rational, and important insights that other people would not have reached without them. Rational Decision Making: Their ability to make logical decisions and stick to their course of action without being influenced by impulse or emotional responses enables them to navigate effectively through tough situations without being yanked off-course. Internal Drive: Rather than being swayed by social pressure or fears, social convention, or the opinions of others, they can hold firm to their own purpose.I️ excel at work and have never been reprimanded, The sad truth of it is that had they seen the label instead of the person their opinions would have changed• Anonymous said… I hope in the future there is a dating site strictly for aspies. Everyone is different, just because you had a shitty experience doesn't mean everyone else will and that you should preach that no one should date an aspie.• Anonymous said… I only wish he had as much interest in understanding me as I do him.• Anonymous said… I love him to pieces and think he and my daughter are the greatest things since sliced bread.Like most things in life, I find it's a very mixed thing. There are times when it isn't perfect, but what the heck is? So many people questioned how I could be with him, given I'm super spiritual and he's a progressive humanist, I tell them plain and simple, "He's the greatest man I've ever met." My aspie has all the traits listed in the second half of the article. Negativity comes mostly from people who are in relationship with some one with Asperger... Maybe it's a gift to the person that has it, but for those around them , I would say that 70-80% of the experience is negative.• Anonymous said… Mine is 14 and he's determined, clever, thoughtful, pragmatic, money-concious and polite.• Anonymous said…

Those of us with the disorder are often on the receiving end of prejudice – and often misunderstood.

Nobody will judge you, as nobody can find out your real name. How is it that the only conversation I had was with a person on private chat that was sitting right in front of me. Why is it that neither of us "reported" each other and sent everything from vulgar images to name calling to saying some of the nicest things to each other. If these "mods" see something they don't like they throw you into a "prison" chat room for an undetermined amount of time to "rehab".

Let's be honest together and discover new confessions! Our users may compare the app with random chatting platforms, but "Anti Chat" is not affiliated with Chatroulette, Omegle, or similar services in any way. The chat rooms are filtered and pre-moderated for inappropriate content. For now until they change this flaw it's only getting 2 stars I just downloaded the app yesterday, and honestly I was overwhelmed at first.

In other words, he has achieved the ideal of mindfulness. Intense Focus: Many people with Asperger’s have the ability to focus on one objective over long periods of time without getting sidetracked, which enables them to accomplish large and demanding tasks. Seeing Past the Bullshit: Their ability to recognize and speak the truth that is being "conveniently" ignored by other people is often crucial to the success of a project or business venture. Passion: Many Aspies are truly enthusiastic about the things and ideas in their lives.

They often take the time, imagination, and energy necessary to master their area of interest – and they persevere even when the going gets tough. Attention to Detail: Their ability to remember and process small details without getting lost or overwhelmed gives them a unique advantage when solving multifaceted problems. 3-Dimensional Visioning: Their ability to employ 3-dimensional thinking gives them a distinctive perspective when designing and creating solutions.

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She may have some obstacles, but she has many more strengths.• Anonymous said…

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  1. Let's be honest together and discover new confessions! Our users may compare the app with random chatting platforms, but "Anti Chat" is not affiliated with Chatroulette, Omegle, or similar services in any way. The chat rooms are filtered and pre-moderated for inappropriate content.

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