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My Aspergers Syndrome affects every aspect of my life making it near impossible to carry out basic tasks, like getting dressed in the morning, to having ‘normal’ conversations and getting from one place to another.

My family have learnt to be very patient with me, and rather pushing or forcing me into new and difficult situations, they guide and advise me instead.

My family and the voluntary sector support me a lot.Stereotypes have haunted me my entire life; people saying that I would never amount to anything; that I would never have a good career, a relationship, or live independently.The reality is that I need help every second of every day to help organise myself, to help me do chores, and cope with daily life. This means I can’t always leave the house by myself, I have no control over my finances, struggle to catch a bus, cook, or to do everyday basic tasks.‘Normal’ daily life that most people can cope with, cause my usual physical, mental and emotional abilities to shut down; literally communicating that I need rest.Shutdowns last for days, rendering me incapable of life-skills like walking or talking.

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