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I though I was the weardo at 75 married for 45 and we still have sex once a week plust I like of should I say LOVE my one on ME time once a week as well I have been a closeted Bi since 14 or so and get all fired up with male/male oral (anal doesn't cut it as much) and get my ever ready, ever loving fleshlite and lube out have a wonderful session like yesterday, wash her up and ready for the next time.something awesome about those fleshlites that I don't get from intercourse and the same is true in reverse when I slam it in as far as I can and empty my twins.Since last few years, my tendency for masturbation has increased and I have been masturbating regularly, at least once a week.Besides, i have learnt about prostate milking and find it a very pleasurable experience.I wonder if that is to do with your being low on Testrome and now having monthly shots. What does Almorr use for sexual stimulation while he masturbates, Answer:- I look up websites or just look at images of naked women, I like 'natural ladies' that is women who do NOT shave "down there" a lovely natural hairy bush, gets me going and even women who do not shave their arm pit hair off, that is what I do to prolong my sessions.As far as I am concerned, I do masturbate in the region of 3 to 5 times a week, its great, a lot of semen always comes out, this is due to the fact that I take it slowly, sometimes as long as a hour, other times, not so long, I usually look at naked women on some website just to prolong it. LOL I am now 67 years of age, I seem to be masturbating more often than I have since my teenage pre married days when I did it, o well sometimes up to 3 times a day, yes, those were the golden days for masturbating, great memories, I like your last sentence, except for the word old, that should be young. I don't really go in for hard porn or anything like that.

I think it is healthy and necessary to do what we need to enable us to ejaculate. It's useful to compare one's frequency with other folks in the same age group.I've read that frequent ejaculation is the best way to prevent prostate cancer; apparently the carcinogens develop in stale semen, so the best way to avoid it is to ejaculate frequently.So, if I were you, I'd keep stroking and enjoy every minute of it.My main medication for erectile potency is Cialis or - to a lesser extent - the daily 5mg Cialis.Viagra and Levitra do some good but Cialis has no side effects of which I'm aware Wow I didn't realise there are so many of you over sexed old "Ba**rd's" out there....

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