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This is way out of the reach of 99.5% of the productions in the US. We need to build audiences that will champion our theaters, not tune in for one wonderful event and forget about us afterwards. - @cyncooperwrtr The thrill of live theatre, the feeling of being part of it and yet I’m miles away…amazing. [email protected] Tickets to brick and mortar venues are decline. In our digital age the same can be said for almost every industry. The are everywhere, they are passionate, they want to know us better, they want to share in our work, and they want to share our work with their friends.

We need to build passionate communities who will be excited to support our work year after year after year Nothing replaces the excitement of live performance and nothing creates community like live-streaming. Our streams cost 1% or less of **what it costs to broadcast the Met or a Broadway show. Distribution costs for online streaming are comparably minuscule, and by transferring production from old school broadcast/satellite trucks and their crews to a multi-camera live edit solution that literally fits on a standard 5’ conference table you are reducing your crew budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today’s audiences want to feel like they have ownership of the creative work they are consuming - things as simple as a dedicated social media host who provides live online callouts and responds to viewers using your event hashtag provide a realtime personal connection to the viewer no matter where they are in the world. There is a brave new world online that is affordable, interactive, global and accessible to theaters of all sizes.

HD broadcasts are a wonderful step forward for broadening the audience for the performing arts - but these events are expensive to produce - about 1.5 million for an opera or broadway show. I live in the middle of the woods in a city of 300 people and I am watching live New York Theater! – Elsa M, Oregon Watching a live play in NYC while sitting on my couch in Barcelona!Skill set still matters - you need a producing team that is fluent in TV, film, online video, live-streaming and theater, but that team can number in the single digits - not the hundreds and the **set-up time becomes hours, not days. At Virtual Arts TV we like to take community many steps further by creating apps that allow viewers to upload their own pics inspired by the performance and by incorporating some of the online comments into the actual performance space. It’s time for one of the world’s oldest art forms to join the digital age… We have just started upon the path where live-streamed performing arts will lead - but along the way we have streamed concert readings to countries all around the world, Shakespeare to public schools, new plays from basement theaters, new musicals from large production venues, a two week festival that spanned theater, dance and music and more. Convenience and community are gaining in importance as our audience members decide how to spend their money and time - and often that means they don’t want to come to us anymore, they demand that we come to them.We may not be ushering them to their seats in the same numbers as before, but we are bumping into them everywhere.

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