Age of mythology third party updating

If you have entered a room in the competition, then to begin Judging, click on the MENU button and select "Judge Rooms".

The Judging panel provides you the opportunity to rate four different elements of each creation. To celebrate this day properly, put on your scariest costume, bake some witchy treats, fill a bowl with candy for trick or Treaters, then prepare for an exciting holiday!

Winter is on its way, and before it arrives, you need to be prepared!

The first winter the pilgrims spent in the new world, almost half of them perished, primarily because they weren't adequately prepared.

Teddies have often been our best friend and confidante since!

Yet, the teddy bear as we know it has only been around for about a century.

You will need to be using your Bat Enchantment to wear the Bat Costumes! The sixth member of the Vampire Family has arrived! Miss Solaria is handing out the Vampire Family - Dog to the occasional visitor! By next month, on November 22nd, if you are still caring for your Heirloom Purple Dragon Carrot Plants, you will receive an honorary Heritage Gardening Grower Badge, and will be entrusted with another rare Heirloom Plant!

Your teddy bear has a birthday coming up on November 14th, which is National American Teddy Bear Day!

So, you have a chance to make this year's birthday party for your teddy truly spectacular!

Be sure to check the Event Calendar for your local times! On today's quest, we will take a look at telling time over the centuries!

Good luck building for the Halloween Room Competition! Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and a Bat Wing Alarm Clock!

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