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:evilgrin: That also happens here, the bride's family consider the groom as their child and the opposite... What Turks think about Christian women for example?I know what was happening in the Ottoman era but things are a bit different today.Buna göre Türkiye’de 2001-2009 arasında 190 bin 308 karma evlilik yapılmış.

when i was a teen ager i enjoyed watching on tv "Türkisch für Anfänger" (literal translation into English: Turkish for Beginners), a German television comedy-drama series, which focuses on the troubled love stories of two couples: german girl/turkish boy and turkish girl/greek boy (:lol:).

Her husband was surprised since he isn't religious, although his family are.

The Russian converted to Islam, again by herself, her husband was surprised as well, although she continues to live as before (alcohol, pork, etc) and I would say is "muslim by name"i live in italy now, but having been born and raised in Austria (Wien) i've seen a number of "mixed" couples with a turkish male partner.

If the man is ok with that, they have a successful marriage.

Russian women are eager to please and serve their men, I think they grow up in an environment of such competitiveness (for men) in Russia they apply those skills to Turkey too.

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