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Parsing itself throws error if the message is not as per the structure defined for MRM parser,then why validation property has to be set with "content and value"?Firstly only parsers with a message model can validate, so that is XMLNSC/SOAP (with a schema), MRM, DFDL and Data Object.XMLDTDScanner Input Source(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.XMLDocument Scanner Impl$DTDDispatcher.dispatch(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.There are a number of applications and libraries using Expat, as well as bindings and 3rd-party wrappers. File Not Found Exception: /lhome/minimal-for-SO/(No such file or directory) [java] at File Input Stream.(File Input [java] at

So what prevents the document from being parsed give that the builder is non-validating and so need not access the DTD?

For XMLNSC based parsers without validation the message will be treated as self defined and an exception will be thrown only if the message is not well formed.

With validation enabled XMLNSC based parsers will validate that the message adheres to the emssage model and will check all restrictions / schema facets defined in the schema for validity.

In these cases the behavior of the parser with respect to reporting such information to the application is undefined.

as an underlying format for application data model more preferable.

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