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I dont wanba sniff no more i wanna smoke a huge rock and get abused all day and night by them. I dont care if sal finds out i love you both so much. We are gonba get you fixed up and take you shopping for a nice maids outfit and breast enhancers and whatever else we need.

For a woman, this takes all the romance right out of the evening and signals to her that she is not important enough for him set aside the entire night.

Perhaps the most common reason women lose interest in their romantic partner, is that he no longer makes her feel special.

While it is true that she fell madly in love with him in the beginning, the attention and affection he lavished on her while winning her heart, is now missing.

Now she feels like he takes her for granted and no longer makes an attempt to bring romance into the relationship.

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His sister was out still but i heard his mother down stairs. After she shaved me and herself we went back in the bedroom and she told me to lay on the bed. She came ip to me and seen all th stuff and she went deeper in my jacket and seen the stuff i took from her daughter too.

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