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But Leonsis can launch an online "show" for about what it costs to shoot a 30-second commercial. Leonsis, a large man whose dark complexion, prominent nose, and dazzling smile make him look like someone Disney animators might have dreamed up for , is visibly pleased at having lured such a big fish as Tartikoff to the pond he shares with AOL founder and CEO Steve Case.

Everywhere you look, clean-cut twentysomethings in jeans and sneakers are racing desperately to grab new members, to keep those subscription fees streaming in, to take AOL to the next stage.

But Case and Leonsis are already gearing up their own flate-rate price scheme. The online future Leonsis and Case envision is as alien to most of Net culture as northern Virginia's suburbs are to Manhattan's Silicon Alley or San Francisco's Multimedia Gulch.

They are also pressing a bold - some might say outrageous - new marketing drive, aimed at pushing membership to 10 million by next August. To sign on to AOL is to enter the cyber version of a suburban mall - a carefully modulated, vaguely cutesy-poo environment where the ambience is serenely antiseptic (as long as you don't venture into the wrong chat room late at night) and the impulse to consume is stimulated at every stop.

Why you'd want to imitate TCI, with its languishing stock price and mountain of debt, is anybody's guess.

But if you go really big time, the way Viacom did when it won control of Paramount, who knows?

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"Maybe we'll start to be known as the fifth network," Leonsis muses.

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