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That same year, Miley became an outspoken advocate of smoking marijuana, sharing images of her own homemade bongs and talking about her love for 'happy drugs' in an interview with Rolling Stone - this on top of her increasingly sexualized public image caused quite an uproar among her Hannah Montana fan base.

However, despite the success of her records, Miley decided to take a break from music to focus on her acting, starring in films including LOL and So Undercover.

However, in a new twist, it was recently revealed that Miley and her longtime love Liam are making another go of things, with the pop star and the actor spotted moving in together.

The news was properly confirmed, though, when Miley's own godmother Dolly Parton told an interviewer: 'I was excited to hear they got back together.' 'Sending love to all my cast members on this anniversary,' she wrote.

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But just after Hannah Montana aired its last episode, Emily also had a go at a bit of a music career before enrolling in college to study for a few years and eventually returning to TV.

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