Are eric stein and jessica hughbanks still dating

I rarely ship real life couples but these two just drew me in right from the start.Their flirty friendship and fun times in the house kept me entertained and I have them to thank for a great Big Brother season.--Sarah I love Eric and Jess because they remind me of innocence.Going from the shy awkwardness of that first date to completely falling for that person, and needing that person next to you through all that you do.They had they're highs and lows but ultimately they came out of this experience not only stronger as individuals but stronger together..ONE!– Audrina I love Eric and Jess so much because they are the first real relationship on Big Brother to this day. to flirting friends…and then eventually they couldn't wait any longer, and finally admitted to feelings for each other.

Every episode I'd wait for them to have some segment on Jess and Eric, never came till I think week 4. --- Eric: If you're sick, I will take good care of you. They weren’t just playing the game for themselves anymore, they were there and playing for each other.The feelings they developed for one another were raw and real.Throughout my years of watching the show, I have never been so attached to any season as i have with this one.It was nice to watch such a special bond and friendship grow into something that was worth so much more than what they had originally signed up for.

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During the summer of 2007, millions of people watched as a 5'7" Jewish boy from New York touched the heart of a Kansan girl.

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