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To register for the 2017 -18 season stay in contact with your local club over the winter period.They will have some exciting opportunities and events coming up for you to take part in over the off season.  New players are always welcome in all grades!In the third inning of the Minnesota Twins' second game, local-boy-turned-super-prospect Joe Mauer tore cartilage in his right knee while chasing after a foul ball.The 's beat writer wrote with a kind of composed distress—"What Mauer and the Twins must be concerned about is the prospect of a 20-year-old catcher suffering an injury that could lead to chronic arthritis"—but the paper's in-house fan blogger, Twins Geek, took the news a little harder.Once Detroit's inevitable slide begins, the team's fans can take comfort in the fact that they can still turn to Tiger Blog for game-by-game updates—on the progress of the World Series champion 1984 Tigers.Welcome to the Auckland Baseball Association's website, where you can find updates on the latest baseball events in town, league and club directory, as well as get involved in the fastest growing sport in New Zealand.On his Twins page, Will Young pored through nine years of transactions to see if General Manager Terry Ryan deserves his reputation as a master executive.And Aaron Gleeman keeps fans up-to-date on the not-so-high-profile negotiations to get Victory Sports, the Twins' version of the YES Network, onto local cable systems. (Check out Bronx Banter for an interview with the legend himself.) In the week since Opening Day, the site Sabernomics has featured posts on whether putting in a defensive replacement is a good strategic gambit and a new study that shows that labor strikes haven't affected attendance.

At On Deck Baseball Prospects, the obsessive Scott Rex ranks the top 500 prospects in minor league baseball.

Even though the season has just begun, I've already filled up on a couple lifetimes' worth of trivia.

Over the past couple of days, I've learned that Jeff Weaver's little brother Jered has a 1.13 ERA for Long Beach State, that Brewers reliever Jeff Bennett doesn't curve the bill of his cap "so he can check runners on base," and that the 5-1 Detroit Tigers were 3-25 at one point last year.

"What does this mean for a catcher who relies so much on his knees??!!?? Does it mean we'll have to start thinking about moving him to a new position?!? " Despite Twins Geek's tone, the Twins blogs aren't the screeds of brainless rooters who reflexively beat the drum for the home team.

As part of a nearly 2,000-word post on last Tuesday's 15-inning game, Seth Stohs pondered whether the stickiness of the Metrodome's new turf contributed to the recent spate of Twins injuries.

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