Beautiful intimidating woman

Before certain members of the audience accuse me of being a “misogynist” or “degrading to women”… I am not advocating some old-fashioned viewpoint that women should be nice, quiet, agreeable creatures who exist solely to please their husband.

In fact, what I talk about goes for men and for women. And I can tell you – they don’t walk around all day thinking about how they’re alpha. You can have your desires met without demanding them.

They aren’t scary, but their confidence comes off as uncomfortable.

They know who they are; they accept who they are; they love who they are.

(In the fashion world, anything over a size 4 is considered plus size. It is a big joke.) My customer’s (we will call her Ms. Not to mention brave and bold and just crazy sexy and full of confidence. But, I have permission from her and my other Curvy customer to show you all what “regular” women look like in lingerie.

K) goal was to show “regular” people what a “regular” woman looks like in lingerie. (There are 2 unique customers pictured here in this blog.) We all know some people will HATE on these beautiful Curvy Girls.

When she wakes up in the morning, she puts on the clothes that appeal to her current state of being.

She doesn’t look to society to tell her what to wear.

Last October, on 10/11/12, my baby “Curvy Girl Lingerie” was born. (Called Lovelies.) We have been open for 13 months and the past 13 months have been so amazing and way more successful then I forecasted or predicted. It’s been so humbling, amazing, fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and about a million other adjectives. (We have a “secret” Curvy Girl group on Facebook in addition to our “public” Curvy Girl page on Facebook. Her exact question/statement: of the time for pics of our lingerie on larger bodies. (A very devoted Mom, I might ad.) A woman who is a daughter. A woman who works full time while raising her daughter.Curvy Girl is the only plus size lingerie store on the West Coast and as far as I know, there is only one other plus size lingerie store in the entire U. I figure it would take me a good three years to get the word out and find my tribe. Many of the lingerie designers show their plus size goodies on thinner models. A woman how has LIVED and LOVED and is still kicking ass and taking names.They are all beautiful, but most of them are a size 12/14 typically. Is that the most generous gift you have ever heard of? Since she has a regular job and a daughter and a life – we are not tagging her or naming her in this blog.What I’m advocating in this post is to identify behaviors masquerading as admirable traits. If you feel that you are attracting emotionally unavailable men to you, I suspect it could have to do with some of these behaviors. If you have any behaviors that could be construed as bullying, demanding, disagreeable or controlling, then you’ll do best to lay them to rest. And you can have compliance without intimidating the other person.In the words of Benjamin Franklin [Tact and Tactfulness]: A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.

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