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In the case of women who claim to have experienced sexual encounters with reptoids, the male reptilian beings are described as having a well endowed penis that is lacking a soft sacked scrotum.Where the scrotum sack is located on a human, the reptilian male, apparently, has a firm, muscular bulge leading from the base of the penis to the underside of the torso.Some also have coffee colored scales that have dark green colored rims.The scales (or scutes) on their backs, thighs and upper arms are large.And from what you read below, you will come to realize that Reptilians stand behind these politicians.The video tells about the abuse done to the boys who were taken from Boy's Town in Nebraska and flown to Washington D. where unspeakable things were done to them in exchange for the drugs they were addicted to.

Generally speaking, there are three basic reptilian physical types.

When Jehovah gave me a vision about Peace - he showed me that the only way Earth can ever achieve Peace - is to remove every human and animal and bug from the face of the Earth. But we never stop working to achieve that elusive wish for humanity.

These physical descriptions are compiled from a large database on reptilian-human contacts.

Some experiencers have reported seeing small openings on the sides of their heads, but have noted that there is no fleshy part extending from this area. Occasionally, experiencers will have observed reptilian beings with thin, fleshy spines under their chins.

From a distance, this physical feature is often misidentified as hair.

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