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So just bear in mind that these figures should be read as a guide only and not a definitive account of player costs, potentials, etc, for the entire season.

He may only be 19 years old, but Ryan Gauld already has the ability to match much older players for talent.

He’s even good at free kicks, so will chip in with plenty of goals of his own.

For a fast, technical, talented attacking midfielder, he’s a great choice.

There is one article for each position on the pitch to make it easy for you to quickly find players to bolster your squad.

All of the players given here have a minimum potential of 80, so you know you’re getting quality. ’ and refers both to whether or not you can buy the specified player at the start of the first season and how long their current contract is.

It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit the Bocas del Toro archipelago.

In these articles I look at the best cheap, high potential players in FIFA 16, with tonight’s post focusing on attacking midfielders.

Mose of the time these are very minor changes, and most players won’t be affected at all unless they have had a very noteworthy week.

Furthermore, some players occasionally disappear if they have been put in the reserve squad that week.

These ‘no’ players are often available for transfer if you wait until the January transfer window, however.

For some players this column is blank – this means that they are out on loan at the start and are therefore unavailable for purchase until the second season.

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