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However, by about 4.2 million years ago, unquestionable australopithecines were present.By 3 million years ago, they were common in both East and South Africa.At present, the vote is still out as to whether any of these three primates were in fact true hominins and if they were our ancestors.The classification of Sahelanthropus has been the most in question.He concluded that we ultimately must have shared a now extinct common ancestor with those apes in Africa.

However, long before then, Dart recognized the importance of this find.

Sahelanthropus was the earliest, dating 7-6 million years ago.

Orrorin lived about 6 million years ago, while Ardipithecus remains have been dated to 5.8-4.4 million years ago.

By 2.5 million years ago, there were at least 2 evolutionary lines of hominins descended from the early australopithecines.

One line apparently was adapted primarily to the food resources in lake margin grassland environments and had an omnivorous diet that increasingly included meat.

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