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“In the modern world of independent schools, we just want to be transparent,” Steve Druggan, headmaster of the 1,000-student academy, said Tuesday.

“We have alums who may or may not be aware of this issue, and we want to be up front.” The alert said the school “has not received any reports of misconduct by Mr.

At times, the unmarried Thomson would provide rides to youngsters on his way to school from his home in Bala Cynwyd. As for any suggestion of misconduct, Roberts said there was “not a rumor, not a mention of it.” While the furor over abuse within the Catholic Church grew into an international phenomenon in the last two decades, the problem has troubled other institutions as well.

“A nice guy,” Barnaby Roberts, the school’s headmaster in the 1980s, said Tuesday. Last year, the Boston Globe published a series of news reports about abuse at more than 60 New England private schools.

The boy, who confirmed the assaults in interviews with police, pretended to be asleep during the molestations.

Police arrested Thomson within two weeks of the tip. Prosecutors are seeking to imprison him for a year and put him under parole supervision for 15 years.

Thomson related to any students of SCH.” But in interviews, two men, both now in their 50s, said they were abused by Thomson while teenage students at the school in the 1970s.

The letter was sent after 15 months of pressure from a 1980 alumnus.

In this region, prosecutors began investigating past abuse at the Solebury School in Bucks County after the private school in 2014 put out a public letter acknowledging and apologizing for sexual mistreatment of students by faculty several decades earlier.

In Thomson’s case, the incidents recounted took place in the 1970s, his first decade at the school.

“They said that Frank said that was an inconsequential contact,” the businessman said.

“Frank denied that there was any inappropriate conduct, saying it was the guise of wrestling instruction.” Afterward, the boy quit the wrestling team and had few dealings with Thomson, who remained a wrestling coach.

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One of the incidents was recounted by a Philadelphia businessman, now 54.

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