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The 40-year-old actor appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday, where he set the record straight on why he and the 25-year-old actress, who have appeared on the big screen together multiple times, have never dated.

While they are not romantically involved, Cooper does have a deep respect for Lawrence, and supports her recent essay on the gender wage gap in Hollywood.

Not that he cares, recalling a time he and a friend, the Broadway star Victor Garber, turned up to an event together. By his own admission, he hardly stood out in his early years.

"I wasn't the smartest person in school, I wasn't the coolest kid.

Featuring in the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man and romantic drivel He's Just Not That into You, he is the de facto star of The Hangover, now hitting DVD after becoming the most profitable R-rated comedy in Hollywood history. There were no big stars at all." While that's true, Cooper now looks like one of Hollywood's brightest prospects.

"I was fascinated by those guys because they were so obviously arseholes and didn't hide that fact," he recalls. People would say, 'What do you want to be, Bradley?

The actor told ET last week that he agrees that the double standard is a problem.

"There's a double standard in the whole world, yeah, for sure. "Anytime there's a place where a voice can come out and be outspoken -- something Sienna [Miller] did, or Jennifer -- that's great.

Following a particularly wild bachelor night in Vegas that involves strippers, babies and Mike Tyson's pet tiger, his character, Phil, spends the film looking for the groom that he's lost just one night before he's due to get married.

His own drunken antics sound almost as entertaining. "When you have an experience like this with people you get along with, it's a rarity.

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After trotting out the usual hyperbole about working with Bullock – "amazing", "incredible", "wonderful" all spew from his mouth – he tells me that it's where he first worked with Ken Jeong, who plays a naked – and very angry – gangster who accosts Cooper's character in The Hangover.

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