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We finally got on the plane and being stuck in between TWO Lucy’s that are both scared of flying?

Children walking round with no shoes on, people fighting casually in the streets and the roads are unexplainable people were driving like they were in a rally every two minutes I would find myself covering my face because I thought we were going to crash!There were people everywhere and all I could hear was “Porto, Porto” (means white person in Creole).But the Africans were absolutely amazing, they were answering all of the questions we had the same as we answered there’s.The fighting got worse, I was constantly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the anger came out in all sorts of forms and no matter how hard I tried to stop it nothing ever changed.For a few years I was set on joining the army until my hopes were crushed when they refused me due to my anger problems.

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So that’s what I did I set my mind on it and stayed in constantly revising.

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