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And balance it out with sensual pleasure, from exquisitely prepared meals at home, to total abandon to physical intimacy.

A Brief View of Capricorn Constellation Out of 12 zodiac signs in the astrological system, “Capricorn” constellation occupies the 10th position.

Her nature puts her in charge, and the right lover will share the decision-making.

She doesn't like to leave things to chance and is a one-woman planning committee.

She takes her own sweet time and will resent being rushed into anything.

Just like a fine wine or cheese, she gets better with age.

It takes time to enter her private life, or win her discriminating heart.

Capricorn in Love is tradition-minded, sensible with a surprisingly dirty mind.

The Capricorn woman is an earth sign -- sensual, lusty, and physically affectionate. She requires a whole lotta man to satisfy her, in the bedroom, and in life.

She has a worldly nature, perhaps more than any other sign.

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