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Borkowski has a quick response for why the fascination with Diana has persisted. "She's never aged." In that, she's like other iconic celebrities who died young — think Marilyn Monroe or James Dean.

There's a new generation, Borkowski suggests, "discovering the Diana narrative … Can anyone's character or nature be that idealized?

Author Sally Bedell Smith, who has written royal biographies, says Diana's original appeal stemmed from her "unusual combination of beauty, glamour and vulnerability." She could also connect effortlessly with people from all social classes.

"But her darker traits remained largely hidden from the public.

"There is this sense of this very fashionable public figure who at the same time was very open about her problems and empathized with the problems of others, so the public really responded to her." They still seem to be responding, if the flood of glossy magazine covers and TV documentaries ahead of the 20th anniversary Thursday of her death at 36 is any guide.

Floral tributes have also appeared again outside the gates of Kensington Palace, where she lived in London.

"One of her relatives once told me that 'she had a perfectly good character, but her temperament overtook her.'" Still, there have been some shifts in the Diana narrative over the years, with more nuanced and analytical views of everything from the tabloid-filling demise of her marriage to the way she interacted with reporters and photographers.

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