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This provided immediate gains with the announcement of a tax holiday for the new entrant.

But I am not sure this will endure for two reasons.

From a consumer point of view, what generated the conversation was not so much of how well the company orchestrated it as it was about the hopes and expectations of Nigerians that at last competition has eventually come to dilute what has been perceived to be a near monopolistic hold of Multichoice Nigeria on the pay-tv business in the country.But these are not factors we should take seriously as constituting the critical population of a market. The promise was huge: N5,000 decoders, free 20 gigabytes of data, sports (Nigerians love football! But as people gathered in Abuja, with government officials present and granting tax holidays, it became clear that there was nothing on the shelf for people to pick up. When you say that you are launching a product or service, the very first thing that must be done is to ensure the product is ready along with all service platforms.This is usually done long before preparing for the press conference and event activations. In marketing, where differentiation might just mean everything, a name is a whole lot.This has been a wrong assumption that is based on the noise made on the social media about football.That a few of the Premier League clubs have strong fan bases in Nigeria does not translate to the fact that Nigerians subscribe to pay-tv because of football.

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