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With translators in 107 countries, our translators can work while you sleep!

We prefer translators and editors who live in your target country. VAT shall apply to private customers residing in the European Union, to EU-based companies which do not have a VAT number, as well as to Italian private customers and companies. If you're in a hurry to place your order, make a rough estimate of the word count and place your order: we'll get in touch before we start working if the word count is different. We have proposed an alternative date at a lower price.

Translation by a professional mother-tongue translator. Full revision by a second professional mother-tongue translator.

Final quality control by a dedicated project manager.

Translated offers specialized medical translations in all the various fields of medicine: manuals, scientific papers, clinical reports, but also informative material for conference events.

Our translators constantly update their knowledge in order to offer a finished product with the correct specialist terminology.

The translations are prepared with great care to ensure that they meet high quality standards.

The written documents may be used for publication or for internal and informative use.

In addition to medical translations, we also offer sworn translations in cases where the document needs to have legal value.

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