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16-bit requires two bytes of data per pixel and directly represents the Red, Green and Blue levels of the colour of the pixel, and 32-bit has 4 bytes of data per pixel which has 8-bit per primary colour and an 8-biot alpha channel (transparency).The GPU is generally quite a closely guarded secret.If you want, go ahead and compile it now and plug the raspberry pi into a monitor or television with a HDMI interface. As we’re now including new hardware into the mix it’s possible that your monitor or TV doesn’t support the resolution and colour depth that the example is hard coded to use.It’s an example that’s designed to be simple rather than supporting every HDMI panel out there. I’m using an old Hanns-G HUD19 monitor with DVI-HDMI adaptor.

The interface we’re interested in is the Framebuffer mailbox.

Some material that’s useful (Generally for late night reading!

): The GPU and ARM devices can communicate with each other through a mailbox system.

If it works, you’ll see an ever-changing display which moves through the colour spectrum, continuously writing to every pixel in the framebuffer!

You can see the (rather boring) output on TODO You Tube.

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