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But most it seems simply feel enlivened by the adventure of living in a new country, grappling with a new language, and taking part in the rich expat life available in some of these places. If you are coming to China for travel, work, or living — and you are a self respecting citizen of our modern world — then you will need a China SIM card in order to stay connected to the web through your mobile phone and to make calls (or SMS text messages, but I don’t know anybody who still uses SMS now in the days of Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, LINE, We Chat, and Kakao Talk).I thought, ‘What an amazing thing to do.’ But apparently lots of Australian retirees are doing versions of the expat life though generally not in India.Take Geoffrey 62 and Michael 56 who have built a new life in the tropical paradise of Ubud in Bali.You will also probably want to get a VPN for China so you can connect to Facebook, Google, and Youtube.In most Asian countries that I have travelled to it is usually a breeze to get a pre-paid SIM card.They are cheap, easy to recharge credits, and you can get connected in virtually a couple minutes.Just make sure that your phone is already unlocked, and you will have no trouble using a new SIM.

Furthermore, China Mobile has an awful in country roaming plan (i.e if you register a Beijing number but make calls in Shanghai), that charges you extra if you make calls in other provinces.

Even parts of Europe – Spain, for example – can be a cheaper retirement destination than Australia.

A new book called Up, Pack Up & Take Off tells you how to do it, and tells the stories of Australians who have taken the plunge.

So really, we had to find a place to live that offered a reasonable life…and Bali looked like a possibility.” On a Veteran Affairs pension they now live a life of relative luxury.

For ,000 they bought a 20-year lease with a ten-year option on a block of land and built a beautiful Javanese-style house in lush grounds with a pool.

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