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Recently many brothels are being turned into offices and flats as city’s property market takes off.It is really very important for a person to stay safe and secured in such matters.There are these guys called "service provider"s (SP), and you can try to contact them first and ask what kind of girls do they can offer.Service providers in India are pretty much the same than escort agencies or pimps in western countries.

Mumbai (Marathi: मुंबई), a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of the state Maharashtra.

The city has an estimated metropolitan population of 21 million (2005), making it one of the world's most populous cities.

In India, prostitution (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal under certain conditions, and a number of related activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and pandering, are crimes. Experts estimate that there could be as many as 500,000 women in prostitution in Bombay.

The price increases to 3 (35,000 Rupees) for 4 hours, and a price of 7 (45,000 Rupees) for the entire night.

These prices do vary a lot an escorts can be also purchased under an hour if you have the right contacts.

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