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She recently worked 12 days out of a two-week period. That’s not a bad thing, Luz said — “There are times I’d love to be a stay-at-home mom” — but she has no problem being the breadwinner.

Zach says he does a lot of things now “that I grew up thinking a wife would do,” like laundry and cleaning.

Another friend, Jo Anna Rincon, with her black eyeliner, bobbed haircut, choker necklaces, and charisma, helped bridge the divide.“Jo Anna was really a shade in between us,” Zach said.

Luz found Arrowhead Park’s focus on earning an associate degree in high school appealing.

“They were ‘tastefully Mexican.’”Jo Anna decided who her friends would be, then kept bringing new people into the group, Luz said.“We clicked really well, because she was a huge Marvel (Comics) fan,” Zach said of Jo Anna.

Zach graduated high school with associate degrees in arts and sciences, several certificates, and 93 college credits under his belt.

“Everyone is working really hard to get what they want.

I wasn’t the first one from my class to buy a house or get their dream job.”The pervasive narrative, they say, relies too heavily on generalizations — a problem they believe extends beyond attitudes about millennials.“Too many people think they can assume things about others based on their age, or their race, or their religion,” Zach said.

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His parents had to co-sign for the loan.“It’s basically how millennials have to do everything,” Luz said.

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