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The Sustainable Facilities Tool can walk you through EO 13693.

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These recommendations, updated March 2017, of specifications, standards, and ecolabels are intended to help federal purchasers identify and procure environmentally sustainable products and services.

The recommendations are based on an independent assessment of private sector environmental performance standards and ecolabels against the multi-stakeholder developed EPA Guidelines for Environmental Performance Standards and Ecolabels.

This memorandum, dated 4 August 2016, has the goal of improving Federal agencies' mobile service inventories and moving to a Government-wide strategy for common mobile service needs.

One aspect of the memorandum is the requirement for covered agencies to develop a strategic plan no later than 31 October 2016, to be evaluated annually, for at least one next generation Government-wide acquisition solution, to be awarded prior to .

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 and the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 require Federal agencies to establish affirmative procurement programs for purchasing EPA- and USDA-designated recycled content and biobased products, respectively.

This establishes performance requirements for public health and environment, and addresses the triple bottom line - economic-environmental-social, throughout the supply chain.

This document, dated 20 December 2011, details best practices for meeting the OMB scorecard action item to review at least five percent of applicable contract actions for compliance with the statutory and executive order green purchasing requirements.

One required element of these programs is annual review and monitoring of the program (i.e., compliance monitoring) This document identifies compliance monitoring options already in use within the Federal government. This April 2015 guide outlines how to ensure compliance with the sustainability requirements included in a contract. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and GSA have worked collaboratively to create this document, which proposes specific food, nutrition, and sustainability guidelines to complement the GSA procurement guidelines.

It provides best practices that can be used during both pre-award and post-award stages of a procurements to help ensure contractors deliver the sustainable products enumerated in a contract or purchasing agreement. The goal of these guidelines is to assist contractors in maximizing a healthier and more sustainable food service by increasing the offering of healthier and sustainable food and beverage choices, while eliminating industrially produced trans fats, decreasing the sodium content in available foods, and allowing people to make informed choices about what they are purchasing and eating through the labeling of menu items.

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