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As a parent of a vaccine damaged child, I am not surprised by the Feb 22 US Supreme Court ruling.

I have experienced, first hand, the decete, cover-up, denial, and fear-mongering the medical society participates in; contributing to the multi-billion dollar industry that has no regard for our stories.

The NCVIA '86 law was to compensate victims..was more so passed to protect manufacturers.

Law states doctors are to report adverse events, yet that same law protects the same physicians, to not holding them legally liable if they fail to report an adverse event. Thank you Catia Looking at your situation from Cape Town, South Africa, I am truly appalled at whats happening in your country. It is terrifying to see the mothers killing and harming their babies and insisting that vaccines are the only reason their child is alive.

God is the Cure and we are the stewards who nourish or poison God's Temple.Bowling said Cruz was likely reflecting on a measure passed into law by the nation’s second Congress in 1792.To get a fix on that, Bowling suggested that we consult record-keepers at the Library of Congress where, by email, a librarian who went unidentified pointed us to documentation of the Second Militia Act of 1792, approved by Congress on May 8, 1792 — six days after passage of the Militia Act of 1792 (which was repealed in 1795) giving the president authority to call out state militias to repel U. invasions and to do so in the case of state insurrections at the request of state officials or on approval of a federal district judge or an associate justice of the Supreme Court.We must continue to stand and work together, because the Government will never look out for our children. And, I am afraid, what I predicted years ago, that the government (including the highest courts) will protect the corporations. I asked her if she possibly considered that maybe the vaccines caused her sons "retrovirus".Our country is being run by corporations which pay our government big dollars to protect them. I am just very happy that NVIC is unintimidated and remains honest and forthright with informing all of us. The noble principles of "BY the people FOR the people" has been abandoned. Thank-you for all that you do to educate us and for defending our right to chose, along with so much more. Thank-you for being a Bright Light and a Champion for Children! This a fantastically well researched piece, thank you!! Absolutely not she answered and I was horrified for her children as she was so brain washed.

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Ted Cruz of Texas, shown here speaking at a Texas Public Policy Foundation event in January 2017, told a gun-rights group the first Congress required able-bodied men to own muskets (Jay Janner, Austin American-Statesman).

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