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That way, you only need to log onto one place, saving lots of time. Best of all, Gmail now lets you consolidate all your other email accounts very easily.You could just logon to all your email accounts, and send a change of address message to everyone in your address books.You'll be given the option to import contacts and old mail; import new mail arriving at the old address for 30 days; and to add the old mail address to the imported mail as a tag to tell you where it came from.Click "Start Import" and go do the same for your other email accounts.Gmail lets you do all that with a few simple steps.After logging into Gmail, in the upper right corner, click on Settings, then click the "Accounts and Import" tab.I also have trouble keeping my address books in sync, and when I'm looking for a certain message, I have to check in three places.

Consolidation works best when your ultimate goal is to become debt-free.And you should do that, but it won't really help you consolidate everything without a lot of extra effort.Of course you want to import to your One Address all your email contacts from the other services, AND your old email saved on those services.Those addresses are out there and if people don't know your new address, they have no other way to reach you. The name is a respected brand widely used by both personal and business users.But you want mail sent to Yahoo, AOL, etc., to be forwarded to your One Address. Gmail is searchable in many useful ways, and its spam filter is highly effective.

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Instead of hunting down all messages belonging to a conversation in multiple folders ( Click the arrow to expand and collapse threads.

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  1. You dont have set hours of work, when you are "available", you just log on and click your button so you show up as available on the website, then you receive calls.