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A woman claims he seduced her when she was a teen, then sexually abused her, and recently came onto her 6-year-old daughter.

Bishop James L’Keith Jones of the Church of God in Christ, or COGIC, has been preaching in Albuquerque for years.

According to the lawsuit, “He [Jones] told her the only result of her confession would be her embarrassment and humiliation because no one would believe her allegations.” She provides text messages, which appear to show the Bishop sending her flowers, even at one point promising her a ring.

But it was a particular statement to her child that Pollard said made her realize the Bishop was “…trying to groom my daughter the same way he groomed me from 15 years of age.” In the video, Pollard claims the Bishop told her 6-year-old daughter, “You’re lookin’ mighty sexy in your nightgown.” She’s since gone to COGIC’s Grievance Committee with text messages, photos, videos and emails dating back years to try and back up her complaint.

5 facts about 'I'm Not Gay No More' testifier Andrew Caldwell Bishop Blakes comes across as a very humble, gentle and respectful leader.

He stood in the gape as Moses did for his congregates. We don't need to demean, slander, or brow-beat anyone over the head with our faith or the Word of God.

As Jones worked his way up in the church ranks, Pollard said he used his authority to keep preying on her, “…using coercion, threats, and his position as a spiritual advisor.” Over the years, Bishop Jones married another woman also involved in the church.

However, Pollard claims that didn’t stop him from pursuing an “illicit sexual relationship” with her.

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