Dating a man who lives with his parents

Carrie didn’t dump him immediately, because she liked him, his parents were friendly and brought them food and he was a struggling business owner.

Once she realized, however, that Power Lad was still a child in the household, governed by his parents’ rules, and that he was not saving money but actually spending it on really good pot, well it eventually ended.

Avoid asking your guy to break the rules for you, as this may put a wedge between him and his mother or ruin your relationship with his family.

Dating a guy who lives with his mom most likely means that you're going to see her when the two of you hang out at his house.

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Although his living situation may not seem ideal to you when it comes to your relationship, sometimes this type of arrangement is necessary.

Many young adults move back in with their parents for financial reasons, notes social psychologist Susan Newman on "Psychology Today" online.

Acceptable: If he wants to have his own family one day. (There’s no way he’s thinking about leaving if he’s recently acquired a dog.) 5. This is a guy getting an advanced degree, perhaps a professional degree. He lives with his parents because he can’t justify paying rent only to be conscious there a couple of hours a day.

He reasons, “Why pay for a city apartment just to study and occasionally sleep there?

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