Dating an air force man

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I'd stop dating him if I didn't see that he's genuinely a good-hearted guy underneath it all (and the fact that he's good in bed is a plus). What should I know about military culture in order to understand him better? They tend to be faithful to their wives, hard on their children -not very flexible or sensitive. Their public persona is the most important thing often in the absence of a private persona. He was very into Church which was a deal breaker for me. I am not saying he's not confident about some aspects of himself - he is.

They can rip into each other or they can grow up and figure out what kind of strategies and sacrifices and strengths they need to develop.

That growing-up-together attitude is common among lasting military couples. I am so grateful that after 25 years, Brad and I can count ourselves among that married bunch.

Just trying to put his behavior and personality in context. It is hard to give you advice without knowing either of you but these are things you should discuss with him. Their public persona is the most important thing often in the absence of a private persona. But there is a depth of insecurity there too, that I just haven't seen before in previous boyfriends.

I dated an Air Force officer, full of bravado and cocky, but in a genuine way- he was confident, competent, and very skilled at his job. And it makes no sense because he has everything going for him!

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