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Watch out for the metallic notes as well, they can be overpowering. This is a flanker to Egoiste not because it's a similar scent, but the same type of man would probably probably wear this. It's by far the most sexy fragrances that ooze confidence.

Classy, serious but also kind and capable of having fun This was my go-to perfume for a long time. I get more compliments on this scent than any other fragrance.

This was the greatest fragrance ever, prior to the reformulation. I was told that Paris still has the original formulation.

I wouldn't mind a more modern take on this fragrance.The name is very fitting Platinum because it reminds of me something metallic. Just imagine this Platinum Egoist juice in a Hugo Boss Bottle. As the reviewer below says, Al rehab U2 Man is very close to the original CPE.I know my point exactly, no one would care about this weak scent. I've got the 50ml spray and from the get go it is bang on.It is expensive over 100 usd for 100ml but the projection and spillage is okay. Smell 10/10 Longevity 7/10 Projection 7/10 I know that there are some more potent and more complex frags out there but there is something about this fragrance that makes me to come back to it.This fragrance or Smth similar should be in every man's drawer.

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