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i too have feelings all of a sudden for a girl i went to school with, and have not seen for 15 years. She and I (both married to other people) started talking of FB reciently and we are falling insanely in love with eachother.i seen her picture again after 15 years and it is like i am falling all over again. if you find a good way of dealing with this post so i can try your methods No my friend, you are NOT alone. I have always loved her but we were so young and needed to explore our world.You can search by text, type of school or by your schools location by using the options menu shown above.1- Type the name of your school2- Choose whether you’re looking Primary, Secondary or Further Education.3- Type the town or city in which your school is situated.Anyway, I kept telling myself too why is this happening, I haven't felt this way in years. Check out the website the video and read the articles, you are not alone........will shade some light. I started surfing too and those or that old thing came back.

Like you, I try to turn it into a positive by improving my life somehow. People will curse you and tell you that you shouldn't do this, you should do that, but you and I know that if it were that simple, we wouldn't be reaching out here for help right now.

For the last 2 years I've thought of my friend everyday, and have a deep desire to see her, and in fact be with her.

For the time being I've decided the right thing to do is to not intrude on my friend and her marriage.

I think the best advice would be if possible get to a reunion and break it to her.

Contacting her out of the blue may not be a good idea because u don't know what is the love of her life or is interested at all in you. dude i thought that i was the only one dealing with this situation.

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