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Carte de visite sized card mounts (2½"x4") were developed to enclose the gem and the finished item was known as a carte de visite tintype or ferrotype.This enabled the image to be mounted in carte de visite albums although small albums specifically designed to fit one, two, four or six gems to the page directly were also produced.Other Massachusetts photographers followed suit with J. Daniels of Boston obtaining a patent for a ferrotype card mount on August 9, 1864. c.1819) is mentioned as patenting a mount in 1863although I have been unable to locate the patent. Potter of New York patented his picture card frame on March 7, 1865 and it is his patented card mount which is most commonly encountered amongst those with any patent markings printed on them.Masury had a studio located on 289 Washington St., Boston, and he was producing cartes de visite there by 1868. Most mounts used at the time however do not attribute any patent rights.Ellis) around 1859 offering ambrotypes and photographs.He was back in Waterville the following year in the 1860 census and was granted a patent for "Improvements in Photographic Cameras". Wing is listed as a photographist in Waterville, Maine in an 1861 directoryprobably in an attempt to introduce the tintype to that area.Business must have done well as he next opened another studio in Boston, MA at 4 Summer St.Wing was granted a patent for a photographic card mount for tintypes on October 13, 1863.

Rather then being offered by the studios as a sideline to other photographic processes, dedicated ferrotype galleries became the norm. Wing was granted a patent for an improvement in his camera's design on May 26, 1868 and refinements continued to be made on it (see this Simon Wing camera page).A nine lens version of the camera was also produced that could produce up to 36 gems on a 5" x 7" plate.The earliest published reference to cartes-de-visite tintypes or ferrotype cards was in "The Card Photograph" by Cincinnati photographer Charles Waldack (b.Unmounted gems usually sold from 10 cents per dozen and around 50 cents per dozen with mounts Similarly mounts were also developed so that ninth plate and sixth plate tintypes (usually slightly trimmed on the sides) could also be placed in carte de visite albums.The six plate tintype being approximately 2"x3" was just a little short of the standard carte size of 2"x4" so it could in fact be inserted directly into an album carte slot without requiring a mount.

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Simon Wing appears to have created this situation for he only offered to sell his multiplying cameras to those who were willing to purchase the patent right for the town or county they wished to use them in. Wing remained entrepreneurial and extended his gem tintype business to new areas, opening a studio in Detroit in 1865 that ran until 1876.

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