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Readers can "like" Lola Zola on Facebook and follow Marcy and Jackie on twitter @tweenorama. Judy Bin-Nun is a psychotherapist in practice in Los Angeles.

Cell phones have changed the way we communicate with our friends and family.

While this technology can help us stay connected more than ever, it can also hurt our relationships if we spend too much time looking at a screen instead of our partner.

To keep your relationships going strong, keep these cell phone etiquette tips in mind when you’re conversing with your partner.

Judy Bin-Nun, in private practice in Los Angeles for almost 30 years, IDK is not the correct answer, so strike D. Take them for a hike in the mountains or a swim in the ocean, collect shells on the beach or visit tide pools.Whenever you’re out on a date with your partner you should put your cell phone away.Not just sitting off to the side of the table, but completely away in your purse or pocket."Lola should encourage Buck to go to Alateen" says Dr.Bin-Nun, "so he won't feel so alone and can learn from others who share similar experiences." Beyond that, she suggests individual and family therapy because children of substance abusers are in pain, even though we can't necessarily see their pain.

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When Lola learns that Buck's father is an alcoholic, her antipathy toward Buck melts and she wants to rescue him.

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