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The face of the card, and interior of the lid, are painted with original radium paint. Previous types of compasses, made in the USA, were quite unreliable. It is of exceptionally high quality and is quite heavy for its size. The compass body is machined from a solid block of brass with a jeweled card pivot.

Verners Pattern compasses are both incredibly popular with collectors as well being a compass that can still be practically and easily used today.This may denote that it was a private purchase as opposed to military issue.I do believe that there were only a handful of manufacturers because of the skills needed to make a compass and the fact that there is clearly little variation in the designs.Generally the compass card is the main area of change in the early models and some of the basic features are evident from the model V through to the VIII and the IX of WWII.If the model numbering is to be believed then there must be I and II, but I have yet to see them.

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