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It will be a 'You Tube' sensation if we ever get it finished.I await news on this and that and on Wednesday and Thursday of next week I'm on Radio Sussex, talking to all and sundry from Hassocks to Henfield, Burpham to Bolney, which by the way has a terrific gastro pub THE EIGHT BELLS, run by a lovely mother and daughter who serve achingly good soup and sandwiches as big as a Manchurian Scaffolders biceps, and chips to halt a diet.He was merrily causing havoc whilst I was out buying provisions for dinner, when I got back he was running like a young thing into the garden.He'd been busily burning all the pruned wood, clothes in the wash as we both smelt like a Kebab shop, and had completed the task by emptying the cinders into the garden behind the studio. little did he think that the cinders were still incendiary. In his excitement at completing all his jobs, he failed to realise that the ashes were still hot, the fence between us and the neighbours, but two years old, was on fire. On went the hose pipe, to put out the flames, we had our own little forest fire.All up hill, past B's old school, past the old police station, past the vets, past the pub, left onto the Green, past the church, down towards the supermarket and into the shop to get my free 'Observer' newspaper.

Today, Fireman Sam, is having to mend the wire that supplies electric to the garden, whilst hammering in five new fence pieces.

And then I remember that I am in favour or free speech and if i don't like unfavourable comments I should stop writing blogs.

My ego, however, is always massaged by being stopped in the supermarket by my blog readers.

Dipping into a bit of current affairs when my constitution is strong and my rage is under control helps, but now what with Dustin Hoffman and various other icons being charged with sexual harassment I think its best to bury my head in the sand, put on blinkers, listen to 'Steely Dan', chop fennel and practise mental arithmetic.

BTW went to see 'Steely Dan' at the O2 on Sunday - what can I say - thousands of us whooped, cheered, sung, danced, cried and reminisced about the first time we came across them.

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