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O LORD MY GOD, THE STORY OF MY LIFE NEEDS A CHANGE, THEREFORE O LORD: CHANGE MY STORY TO GLORY!!! ENLIST ME IN YOUR ARMY OF GLORY AND WRITE MY NAME IN YOUR BOOK OF GLORY IN JESUS’ NAME. Every power mandated to bury my glory, your time is up! Every power assigned against my day of glory, DIE!! IN THE BATTLE AGAINST POVERTY, SHAME AND REPROACH, O KING OF GLORY, FIGHT FOR ME AND GIVE ME VICTORY!!! Anything that needs to die for my glory to appear & shine: DIE NOW!!!!! O Sun of Righteousness, let Your glory overtake and consume every stumbling iniquity of my father’s house assigned to make me fall into shame and sorrow, IN JESUS’ NAME. O Glory of the sun, arise and consume every dark arrows fired against my star, IN JESUS’ NAME. O Glory of the sun, catapult me from the poverty of obscurity into kingdom stardom!!! O Glory of the moon, hear me and hear me well: you shall not receed even in my night season!

When you discover your parents strongly disapprove of your bf/gf, your first inclination will be to pull away from them and continue your dating relationship behind their back. Never secretly date someone your parents don’t want you to date. Expired glory of my father’s house, BE IGNITED WITH FRESH FIRE OF REVIVAL!!! Fading glory of my family line, hear the voice of resurrection: ARISE NOW AND SHINE BY FIRE!!! By the unapproachable light of Jehovah, I smite every hideous agent of shame and darkness in my life with blindness and put them to stumbling flight!!! WHEN I SEE YOUR GLORY, I SHALL NEVER SEE CORRUPTION AGAIN, THEREFORE, O LORD: SHOW ME YOUR GLORRRAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

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