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Modern marriages usually are financially beneficial to both people involved.I’ll certainly say that, in our case, marriage has been an enormous financial benefit.Many of the concerns that men express about marriage tend to actually be concerns about becoming a father, and I think that becoming a father is a decision guys should never enter into lightly.My opinion is that many people fear marriage for emotional reasons, but often find financial ones easier to state.Instead, I’m going to stick with the financial side of the equation.

You both benefit from economies of scale, meaning your expenses won’t rise as much as your income will.The most common reason given for men not to get married is that the financial outcome of divorce proceedings is seen to be unfair.As the argument goes, the average male salary in the United States is higher than the average female salary, yet when couples are divorced, the splits are often 50/50 – or, in some cases, skewed towards the partner with greater financial need.While food and household items will jump a fair amount, having both of you at home means that bulk buying makes more sense.Buy a gallon of milk instead of a container and you’ll be spending less per glass of milk, for example. If you lost your job while single, there’s suddenly no income coming in. If you’re married, you have a partner that will still be bringing in income, a partner that has a real stake in your survival and continued success.

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