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Dairy Farmers of America is offering cheap Class III milk to Wisconsin plants from the Mid-East order. But the weekly dairy commodity price survey of manufacturers by USDAs Agricultural Marketing Service didnt go down. In late August, the Courts came down hard on Defendants in dairys long-running milk powder mis-reporting case.

The seriously troubled Northeast looks like its getting ready for some sort of consolidation of dairy co-ops. The nations newest dairy processing plant DFAs milk powder plant in Garden City, Kansas, will open this fall.

Their farms are located on the narrow coastal plain in the northwestern corner of California.

They operate four grass-based organic dairies and an organic egg business. Use of Dicamba-type herbicides in Southern States is causing serious problems, as writer Paris Reidhead relates.

One firm has seen its stock value virtually double since mid-spring 2017.

We profile Clover Sonoma, a major dairy processor in the SF Bay Area.

At what point do export buyers start to view the U. as an unstable supplier or do they ignore the blather coming from the White House?

Pete Hardin compares the contrasting stock fortunes of two dairy firms The A2 Milk Company, LTD., and Dean Foods (this nations largest fluid milk processor).

Milk production in some states is slowing (Californa, Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania).

But milk production in Texas and the Lower Plains is galloping.

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Writer Jan Shepel details how efforts by Wisconsins hapless Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to better manage rainwater run-off from livestock feeding facilities and barn roofs have been challenged by the Wisconsin Dairy Business Assn.

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