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This was also the second consecutive Winter Olympic opening ceremony to be held in an indoor stadium.The Games were officially opened by President Vladimir Putin.

The site of the opening ceremony, Fisht Olympic Stadium was built specifically for the games. No Olympic or Paralympic competitions were held there; it was only used for the opening and closing ceremonies during the respective Games.Pre-ceremony activities included performances by the Russian pop duo t. The ceremony, opened with an on-screen video showing 11-year-old Liza Temnikova playing a character named Lyubov (Russian for 'love') reciting the Russian alphabet.Each letter is associated with images of a famous Russian person or landmark.However, a technical error caused the fifth ring not to expand, and pyrotechnics did not go off from the rings.The mishap was later self-mocked by the organizers at the closing ceremony where one of the roundrelay dance groups symbolizing the Olympic rings "failed" to expand.

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They do not seem to depend on a special condition such as time of day, rather it seems that moments only have a chance to spawn and are not guaranteed to happen between two cities.

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