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Depressed people are typically unaffected by happy moment.

Their mood does not lift in response to the people and the events that surround them.

Symptoms may vary from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the disorder.

Symptoms can include: The diagnosis of Unipolar Disorder or Unipolar Depression can be simple, but less severe cases may not be so easy to diagnose.

Overall, 3,615 died of natural causes, and 1,287 died of unnatural causes. Discover How to Help Your Loved One Live with Bipolar Disorder Do You Have Bipolar Disorder?

Learn the Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder Child With Bipolar Disorder?

Patients who suffer from Unipolar Disorder are true to its name in that they only have symptoms at one end of the spectrum (the low end).

Of 4,902 women with unipolar disorder, 1,428 died of cardiovascular causes, 993 died as a result of suicide, and 830 died from cancer.The causes for Unipolar Disorder are not fully understood but they may be varied, and can include disruption in neural circuits and neurochemicals in the brain, genetic predisposition, secondary disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.See the related articles titled Depressive Disorders and Clinical Depression for more information.Learn How to REALLY Help Dating Someone With Bipolar?Secrets to a Successful Relationship Marrying Someone With Bipolar?

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To diagnose Unipolar Depression, doctors will look for the symptoms detailed above.

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