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In any case, the flowers did not get in the way of her hug.

I am sure she could see that I was very pleasantly surprised.

Then, two more men further down the sidewalk said the same thing while they walked by.

Very confused at this point, I asked her if she knew these men. We must have walked a total of six blocks with other men greeting her with the same phrase in Russian.

Next, they suggested that I search for at least six ladies within a relatively close proximity of each other, within a 300 mile radius, and send an email to each lady briefly describing myself.

To use a baseball metaphor, it appeared that Bill had hit himself a grand slam.He explained that he had intended to meet four other ladies but he dropped that plan when he met the first lady, Olya. I can't say his story was entirely illogical because after seeing her photos and listening to his description of his time with her, it was quite possible that he'd found a high quality lady, if not his soul mate.However, I still remained skeptical and soon forgot about Bill and his hopes for starting a family with his exotic Russian bride, Olya.Not only was Bill helpful but Olya too was very excited that I had endorsed the concept of meeting Russian brides.Bill referred me to Global, and told me to post a decent picture of myself on the site.

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