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You’d cuddle up next to him in bed so that his head could rest on your shoulder and you’d stroke through his hair soothingly until he fell asleep.

So to help him ease his fears and his mind, you’d always stay with him and even if Madam Pomfrey would throw you out, you’d only wait a little bit and then sneak right back in.

He’d usually come to his senses in the middle of it and just kiss you while you were still talking.

No matter how many times he did this you were always taken aback.

Remus would grin at you and say: ‘Thanks for setting me right … It doesn’t matter if it’s in the common room, at the lake or sitting on a huge window sill, looking out onto the grounds.

When you lay with him and he could nuzzle his nose into your hair and smell your shampoo it always comforted him and the feeling of twirling the soft strands around his fingers somehow gave him immense joy and who were you to take that from him?

(And considering that you loved it when he played with your hair, you weren’t going to complain anytime soon.) ► Sneaking out of the grounds during Christmas break to go sleigh riding in the surrounding mountains.

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Once you reached the hilltop, Remus would sit down behind you and pull you as close to his chest as possible and lock his arms around your waist before pushing off and rushing down the mountain, both of you screaming and laughing your souls out.

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